British Safety Council & Mates in Mind Case Study

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Who are British Safety Council & Mates in Mind?

Who are British Safety Council & Mates in Mind?

British Safety Council champions workplace safety and drives change, while Mates in Mind is a UK charity that promotes positive mental wellbeing across workplaces, with a focus on the construction sector.

A unique digital collaboration

With British Safety Council and Mates in Mind sharing both staff and an office, this project was a unique collaboration between two separate charities. Our task to provide a shared web architecture to support both organisations, which could be easily separated again if needed. A shared environment means a reduction in costs, and improved efficiency as less time is spent on security updates and version control.

Simplify and chunkify

The charity’s previous platform was complex and unwieldy so needed an upgrade. We created a simpler and more user-friendly shared platform using Umbraco. We spoke with Mates in Mind and decided that the answer was to integrate a CRM with an e-commerce solution, and payment sole provider. The client wanted the option to decouple the organisations in the future, so we made it easy to add and remove elements.

To make sure the new website fit the requirements of both user-bases, we utilised existing user data to streamline the user journey.

“This was one of the most enjoyable projects I’ve worked on – both in terms of the creative complexity and the collaborative relationship we have with the client’s team. I’m looking forward to our future work together.” – Gareth Edmunds, Account Director at Reading Room

We like solving intricate problems.

Due to its complexity and unique challenges, it made for an exciting and dynamic project. Getting to work with two charities who provide such beneficial services and we’re also a joy to work with, was a bonus.

Our work together ensures that people can find the resources and help they need through this new platform.

“Our partnership with Reading Room has been incredibly easy to build, due to their professional and dedicated team. Every touch-point with Reading Room has delivered exceptional service and customer experience from initial contact to technical delivery. In Reading Room, I have worked with some of the best talent I have encountered over my 20+ years in the industry.” - Steve Ward, Director of IT at British Safety Council