RBH Creates First TV Ad For NICEIC

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Following extensive research into the awareness of domestic electrical installations NICEIC found that the majority of householders take the electrical supply in their homes for granted and don’t consider the associated dangers

To combat this lack of awareness, NICEIC commissioned their first major consumer facing campaign, turning to Midlands based agency RBH to produce a thought provoking TV commercial.

The Cage explores the potential dangers lurking unseen in the average family home, and aims to make people aware of these hazards. By using a blend of CGI and live-action footage, this first-of-its-kind campaign illustrates the dangerous electrical currents that most of the general public will not previously have considered, as they are quite literally invisible. As Mark Smith, Marketing Director at NICEIC, says: “This is the first time in UK advertising history that an electrical installation has been visually brought to life in this way. We hope it will make people think about getting their electrics checked.”

Jon Nealon, Group Account Director for RBH, said: “We are delighted to make history with NICEIC by creating their first ever TV ad, and are confident that this will effectively highlight this largely unaddressed issue to the general public.”

The Cage will air in Scotland and Northern Ireland from March 25th on ITV and Channel 4, as well as online and through social channels.

You can view the ad here.