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TRACKER: Re-establishing the leader in tracking technology.

Thanks to TRACKER technology, over 25,000 stolen cars have been returned to their owners after a theft. Their leading vehicle tracking solutions are the most effective way to protect a vehicle in the event of theft.=

There is little doubt that TRACKER is a leader in their industry, but their online presence wasn’t doing much to help them maintain that status. Their website wasn’t customer-centric, it focussed heavily on products and expected the customer to already have a detailed understanding of tracking technology.

Project background

They were seen as a ‘product company’, one that makes gadgets. Not a company that protects something people love.

The original project brief from TRACKER was to combine their existing e-commerce platform and corporate website into a single site and apply their new visual branding. They wanted their new site to clearly cater to both fleet managers and individual consumers.

During our initial research, we discovered that the best way to help TRACKER remain at the top of their industry was to address a wider issue. We had to define what sets them apart from their competition and fully understand what drives their customers.

Key challenges

Value Proposition

Perception of being a product company
No emotion or passion about protection
Shift from ‘recovery’ (negative) to ‘protection’ (positive)

Customer Expectation

Multiple types of buyers ranging from knowlegeable to ‘research mode’
Huge education needed in terms of the technical differentiation from in-car GPS
High level of knowledge was currently expected to convert.

Customer Diversity

There was a danger of a fleet manager assuming the site was solely B2C and vice versa

Clear Sale & Install Process

TRACKER wasn’t educating their customers on the process, resulting in low conversions and lost opportunities.

Lack of Call To Actions

No strong conversion beyond completing a transaction

The end result

We interviewed key stakeholders from across the business to establish a common vision. Using this data we developed a unique value proposition to cater to both B2B and B2C customers.

During these initial strategy sessions, we were able to hold a mirror up and show TRACKER how their customers navigate through their existing site, highlight where they got stuck, what questions remained unanswered and where the key exit points were.

The customer-centric value proposition is communicated visually in the design and UX. The IA is designed to cater for the two clear audiences and customers at various points in the sales process.

The value proposition coupled with a new level of customer empathy has helped TRACKER move away from a product-led, transactional e-commerce site to an educational website that connects with potential customers on an emotive and human level.

The technical architecture of the new website combines the corporate site and e-commerce platform. The site is built using Concrete5 CMS to give TRACKER full control over their content. Integration with their payment gateway, marketing automation and the newly added chatbot feature means the site works harder for the small in-house marketing team, whilst also giving them full visibility of all website activity.

Their partnership approach worked well for us, Rawnet quickly became an extension of our team supporting us in the delivery of our website and the development of our digital strategy.

~Parita Patel, Marketing Manager - TRACKER


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