The Cambium Group

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A new pay-per-click (PPC) and paid social strategy to increase wedding list conversions, reducing cost per acquisition (CPA) while increasing performance

The Cambium Group is the home of three leading UK wedding gift list brands: The Wedding Shop (TWS), The Wedding Present Company (WPC) and Prezola (PZA). Whilst TWS and WPC focus on helping engaged couples add practical and stylish gifts to their wedding gift list, PZA looks to enhance that experience by showcasing the opportunity to also add honeymoon experiences and cash funds.

Rawnet has helped the group and brands individually, maximising their digital marketing performance through PPC and paid social strategies. This enabled the group to bounce back after Covid-19 massively impacted the wedding industry.

Challenges & Objectives

The Cambium Group was faced with many challenges due to the wedding industry crisis during Covid-19 which significantly reduced search volume and overall wedding gift list interest. Furthermore, a niche audience of engaged couples was being targeted which made it challenging to achieve high conversion rates via paid social strategies.

Previous PPC campaigns had a high CPA due to a lack of keyword strategy and search volume. The Cambium group had three main objectives:

  • Increase initial wedding list sign-up conversion
  • Increase the number of products added to wedding lists
  • Encourage guests to share the list to maximise exposure

PPC Strategy

The PPC strategy was put in place to position The Cambium Group above competitors. Rawnet focused on improving and optimising the campaigns to reduce CPA and increase performance.

Rawnet took an always-on approach targeting branded, competitor, honeymoon and wedding gift list search terms. As there is a vast campaign history in the account, the team were able to use a mix of Search, Performance Max and Display campaigns. This meant they were able to reach the target audience on multiple channels with varied messaging.

This also gave Rawnet a stronger baseline of activity as the team were continuously optimising and strengthening the positioning using this campaign data. Whilst campaigns are always-on, peak activity circulates around Christmas and Valentine's Day as couples are more likely to get engaged when surrounded by family or enjoying the romantic holidays. Rawnet optimised budgets and efforts just before these events to ensure The Cambium Group saw maximum results.


  • Great success was achieved as registrations increased 49.78% from Christmas 2021 to Valentine's 2022. The Cambium Group saw an extended peak period which meant wedding gift list registrations continued at volume after the Valentine's spike.
  • The always-on activity saw the average CPA drop by 24.81% through constant optimisation and enhancement maximising the impact of the budget.

Paid Social Strategy

The paid social strategy proposed to tap into new prospecting audiences using a combination of Facebook interest targeting and Google Analytics data. Rawnet also proposed setting up retargeting ads to catch those who had visited the site but not registered, using the Facebook pixel. The team also proposed targeting people who hadn’t added anything to their list yet with re-engagement ads that showed popular products from the site.

The paid social campaigns also took an always-on approach that encourages engaged users to sign up for a gift list. A re-engagement campaign follows, to target those who have signed up for a list but have not added any products to their list. Finally, a remarketing campaign that targets people who have viewed the website but have not signed up for a gift list.

Similarly to PPC, whilst campaigns are always-on, peak activity circulates around Christmas and Valentine's Day and so Rawnet maximised budgets and efforts just before these holidays to ensure maximum results.

As Rawnet works with The Cambium Group on an ongoing basis, the team also run occasional ad-hoc campaigns to support the group's long-term business goals and marketing efforts. An example of this is the PZA campaign, encouraging potential customers to engage with their gift list through profile personalisation. This campaign resulted in a 25% increase in people adding to their wishlist that month that it ran.


  • Introducing retargeting campaigns to both brands has resulted in 340 more registrations for TWS and 326 more for Prezola to date, all of which may not have happened if they were not retargeted with social ads.
  • Yo3Y (pre-covid), registrations have increased 110% for PZA and 468% for TWS.

Future Strategies

As Rawnet continues to work with and support The Cambium Group with PPC and paid social strategies, it aims to optimise Facebook advertising to achieve the highest number of registrations with the lowest CPA.

Furthermore, the team aims for the best performing peak season the group has ever had. Rawnet is currently testing new social platforms such as TikTok and Pinterest advertising for the group to continue exploring growth strategies.