GVC | Changing for the Bettor

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With gambling attracting unflattering headlines in the media, GVC’s people were finding it difficult to speak up to friends and family about how GVC promotes safer gambling as an entertainment company. GVC’s safer gambling strategy ‘Changing for the Bettor’ is leading the industry in preventing problem gambling, but internal awareness was not as high as it needed to be. While employees had heard the name, most didn’t know what it entailed or how it applied to their roles.


With the industry’s ‘Responsible Gambling Week’ an impending milestone, we were tasked with making safer gambling integral to how everyone thinks and acts at GVC. Working within existing channels, complimenting GVC’s new employer brand, we developed an ongoing engagement strategy with a unique look and feel. We brought the safer gambling strategy to life through digestible weekly stories, hosted on an always-on safer gambling space on GVC’s intranets. We showed that safer gambling should always be front of mind, not just for one week per year.


Initial response was positive, with online comments such as, “about time we shout about it” and “fantastic to really make a difference”. Mentions of the strategy by name have increased and the campaign is being used by recruiters to attract talent. We are continuing to monitor internal sentiment through the use of flash polls and the annual employee survey.