Emerging trends and the implications for communication and engagement

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Today’s era of the connected human heralds a new set of challenges for businesses

Communicating to investors, consumers, customers, employees, communities and shareholders as different entities is being replaced by the understanding that they all play a crucial role in today’s ecosystem.

The world is becoming increasingly connected with channels rapidly blurring. Trust in public institutions and governments has hit an all-time low and the lens has swung to businesses to provide greater transparency and consistency – whether that be on gender pay gap, diversity & inclusion, employee wellbeing or (un)sustainable business practices. Never before has there been a greater need, or opportunity, for business and their leaders to take action and make long-lasting societal differences.

We’ve identified five key emerging trends you need to know about and their implications for communications and engagement in order to stay ahead in the ever-changing communications landscape of 2019. Download the report here.