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Scrap your 2020 stress by destroying cars with a tank

by Georgie Monaghan

January 6, 2021

A new ‘destruction therapy’ service launched by Scrap Car Comparison gives customers the chance to unleash all of their pent up rage caused by 2020 by destroying ready-for-scrap cars with shotguns and a heavy-duty armoured tank.

The unusual experience, created by Propellernet for Scrap Car Comparison, is being offered to help offset the stress and worry that has been caused by one of the worst years in recent memory. Whether it’s political or pandemic related, everyone has endured almost 12 whole months of strain, and the aptly titled Rage Yard experience has been launched as a means to help people safely release all their internal tension built up over the year – in an intense form of destruction therapy.

Dan Gick, managing director at Scrap Car Comparison says “The year 2020 has been one of the absolute worst in living memory, and we wanted to be able to offer customers a way to release all the stress that this year has bought into their lives. We thought as the year draws to a close, what better way to unleash all your 2020 angst than by taking it out on scrap cars!

Our Rage Yard experience provides you the chance to (safely) shoot scrap cars, before trampling over them in a huge armoured tank. The cars are heading to the scrap heap anyway, so after the year we’ve all had, it made sense to offer this exhilarating experience that should help people let go of their built-up frustrations from 2020 and in turn, feel a bit more calm and serene as we enter the new year”.

The Rage Yard experience takes place outdoors in the fields of Northamptonshire, where a variety of scrap cars, emblazoned with the number 2020, will signify all of the stresses we’ve had to endure throughout 2020. Customers will first use shotguns to fire at the 2020 scrap cars, before taking to the cockpit of a souped-up Chieftan battle tank to obliterate the cars, and all the 2020 rage they represent, crushing them beneath the 56 tonnes of tank.

Chartered psychologist Dr. Samia Latif commented, “Certain individuals find that relieving tension in an overt physical manner is much more therapeutic and a form of stress relief that works better for them. This is known as ‘Destruction Therapy’ and it does allow people to relieve stress within a controlled environment.

This year, some people have been overwhelmed with stress and tension and the type of destruction therapy offered by the Rage Yard experience may be an ideal way to release stress for those who have not benefited from other therapeutic strategies that have been recommended for them, and who are more inclined to need physical exertion at greater levels than the knitting needle or paintbrush!

And of course, we have to mention the impact from a Digital PR point of view where the campaign has been a huge success, gaining over 300 pieces of coverage in the first few weeks alone from the likes of CNN, The New York Post and LADbible.

The first Rage Yard experience is available for £20.20 and has very limited availability, with more sessions becoming available if they prove popular. People who would like to take part in a Rage Yard experience can enter a ballot to purchase via the Scrap Car Comparison website:


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