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How can your agency revitalise its BD strategy?

March 23, 2022

Business Development (BD) is the lifeblood of agencies - it is everyone’s priority, not just a select few.

It is one thing to understand the need to devise a strategy. It is another to create one that enables your agency to achieve long-term growth.

Growth strategies in a fast changing landscape - Propeller Group’s new BD Handbook - offers insights into the most effective ways businesses can traverse the post-COVID landscape. It features insights and guidance from leading brand-side marketers and agency leaders from 2021’s BD100 Winning Together event - with contributions from:

Graham Goodkind, Founder of Frank PR

Angela Gaskell, MD and Co-Founder of HDY

Alexandra Willis, Communications and Marketing Director at Wimbledon

Caleb Buscher, Senior Channel Account Manager EMEA at HubSpot

And many more…

The onus is on agencies to provide better support for their BD teams - changing approach now offers the opportunity for lucrative rewards further down the line.

Budgets are increasing - but time-poor marketers remain notoriously difficult to connect with. Propeller Group has taken the time to identify four key areas that your agency needs to focus on:

Marketing the agency

Technology-based tools

Pitch tactics


Marketing the agency

Agencies often use creativity on behalf of clients - now is the time to harness it for yourself. Breaking the mould - and focussing on personalisation - can enable your agency to stand out from the crowd.

Technology-based tools

Digital tools should not be seen as replacements to BD teams. They should instead augment their activities. New technological developments - such as CRM systems - ensure that wasted time is kept to a minimum and future campaigns are optimised.

Pitch tactics

Pitching remains a core part of the BD journey - BD teams must invest enough time into preparations. ‘Winging it’ is not a viable option. Develop an understanding of your potential clients’ brief and propose a solution that works for them.


It is easy for BD teams to become isolated. Wellbeing cannot be ignored - agencies have to focus energy into promoting positive culture. Employees that are engaged and satisfied are the catalyst to winning both prospective talent and new clients.

Growth strategies in a fast changing landscape shares advice on how your agency can navigate the new BD landscape. We hope that it helps to reshape your BD strategy for the better.

Looking to find out more about what Propeller Group can do to improve your BD operations? Our team would love to speak to you - please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.


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