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St. Helena - The Little Book of Big Experiences


Just north of San Francisco is California’s iconic Napa Valley – renowned as a world-class destination for its award-winning wines, luxury resorts and mouthwatering culinary experiences. The premier town within the valley is the picturesque St. Helena, billed as “Napa Valley’s Main Street.” We are honoured to have been working with the St. Helena Chamber of Commerce to promote tourism to the city for over three years now.

Crowd have just turned five, making St.Helena one of our longest serving client relationships, so we hold our relationship with them in very high regard. Each year we try and come up with innovative ideas to promote it as a destination, as well as support the local community … and this year was no different.

We worked hard with the St. Helena team to conjure up something special, and #TeamCrowd are proud to present ‘The Little Book of Big Experiences’. This campaign offers visitors 24 of the best experiences that Napa Valley’s Main Street has to offer, bringing them together into one book. It serves partly as a guide to great things to do while visiting, but also offers major cost-saving advice, as it offers over $1,000 in value to an amazing collection of wineries, restaurants, resorts and spas … and does so for a cost of just $100.

We’ve created an award-winning website for St. Helena, as well as advertising graphics, banner ads, postcards, posters, and of course, the book itself. The book was received very well and will also now serve as a fundraising tool for the recovery effort from September’s horrible wildfires that burned over 50,000 acres in Napa County. We’ll keep you posted as to the results!

If you’re interested in purchasing the “Little Book of Big Experiences”, or just want to learn more about Napa Valley, then hit this link here.

The work we’ve done in Napa Valley has paid its dividends, as our expertise within destination marketing is clearly shining through. If you would like to contact us to talk through your travel company’s digital future or have any other queries about how we can help then get in touch.


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