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Instagram Business: Reframing the business story

Project Clients: Instagram

Instagram Business is a powerful advertising platform in its own right – far more than just an ‘added extra’ to buying Facebook ads – that offers a highly-sophisticated range of tools that help businesses to connect with and expand their key audiences.

We've been creating a mix of B2B Marketing materials for Instagram Business, including thought leadership, sales enablement and event support content that communicates just how great their offer is, focusing right now on businesses and brands that live in the worlds of fashion, sport and travel.

Instagram's enormous popularity makes it one of the biggest social media platforms in the world, and they are on a mission to educate marketers about the commercial opportunities that their platform can provide.

We’ve run the cold, hard statistical data through our own Instagram-flavoured filter to create sales materials, digital assets and even a nifty fold-out fashion guide to help tell the story of just how good Instagram is for business.