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wagamama - Increase in sales for take-out site...

Project Clients: Wagamama

wagamama take-out’s challenge was to create an overall better customer experience online to improve website conversion and operationally create a site that was easier to maintain and manage.

take-out, wagamama’s updated ecommerce Sitecore website, retains the impactful and tantalising look and feel of its sister site. Like the main site, the user journey has been refined to achieve more customers moving through to make bigger orders.

Using the guest login reduces the transaction time, which has dramatically reduced the drop off rate by 13 percent. To manage cart abandonment, email addresses are collected. When a shopping cart is abandoned, a triggered email reminds the customer of this with a prompt for them to continue shopping.

Registered/logged in users can also view their favourite food, last orders and most commonly selected products, with the added option of re-ordering previous take-outs. Responsiveness too is supported on mobile devices, ensuring that the visitor experience isn’t compromised.

There are many clever features that make take-out perform as well as it does. Google Maps integrates with wagamama’s ecommerce site. This allows visitors to see the nearest wagamama restaurants based on their location. Maps, directions and distance calculators to other wagamama restaurants further afield also feature.

take-out has extensive product catalogues. Complex integration between Sitecore and wagamama’s external retail system, Micros, ensures product catalogues are coordinated and reflected on the site. There are also other integration points to WorldPay and, which handle payments from UK and USA customers respectively.


  • 5% increase in basket size and reduced drop off of 13%
  • Uplift in sales and increase in upselling using data driven marketing 
  • 'In-restaurant' online experience brings the brand to life 
  • The ability to roll-out to 18 countries using multiple-languages 
  • Optimised the website for mobile and integrated a new cash payment system
  • Winner of Silver Award at UK Digital Experience Awards

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