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Aaron Cue, Digital and Design Manager at Notting Hill Genesis (formerly Genesis Housing) talks about their new website.
Genesis Housing Association - We built it! from Manifesto London on Vimeo.

Improving digital journeys for Genesis residents

Project Clients: Notting Hill Genesis

Notting Hill Genesis (formerly Genesis Housing) owns or manages around 33,000 homes across London and the east of England, and provides homes for around 100,000 people, making it one of the UK’s leading housing associations.

The organisation’s website had grown organically over time, meaning the relevant content for residents wasn’t very easy to navigate. They wanted to redesign their website to help residents get to the information they need quickly, and therefore believed that the residents should be heavily involved in this design. The organisation also wanted to provide a quick, convenient way for residents to report repair requests easily and efficiently. 

What we did

Manifesto kicked off the design journey with a user research stage involving 2 workshops, site visits to the contact centre and a resident survey. We also conducted one-to-one interviews with 12 stakeholders from around the business to build an understanding of what they did, their current ways of working, and their ambitions for the future. The aim was to determine the needs and preferences of multiple kinds of user, to design journeys which would help them access required information quickly and easily.

An innovative new feature for requesting repairs uses a conversational interface to help guide tenants towards the actions that will get them help fastest. Condensing thousands of decision tree options down into a simple conversation with a human-like assistant, the ‘report a repair’ feature attempts to mirror the experience of the contact centre, and help tenants get fast access to the information they need.

How it went

The new site launched on Wednesday 8th November 2017. Built in just 11 weeks on Drupal 8.

In the first month after launch, the new site, with its improved information architecture and redesigned user journeys, saw over 60,000 unique page views. The ‘report a repair’ form, mirroring the experience delivered by the contact centre, but using fewer resources, successfully fielded over 21,000 interactions.

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