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Multi-Channel Digital & Social Media Ecommerce Campaign

Project Clients: China Southern Airlines

China Southern Airlines (CSA) brought Rooster onboard in November 2016 with a specific ecommerce brief to develop a multi-channel digital campaign that would target the end consumer through digital & social media channels. Activity had to achieve two objectives: (a) drive traffic to, and (b) generate online ticket sales.

Alongside designing, setting up, implementing and managing 10 Facebook ad campaigns and three digital display (programmatic) campaigns, Rooster’s digital team also:

  • Set up and managed the CSA Instagram and Twitter profiles
  • Designed CSA landing page content and social media channel image assets
  • Developed trade and customer newsletter e-shots
  • Assisted in designing, implementing and promoting a CSA reputation customer survey
  • Advised on CSA ad campaigns and designed creative for the travel trade

Within just six months, the CSA Facebook campaigns generated a reach of 3,220,586 with 5,988,444 impressionspost engagement of 82,859 (cost per engagement: £0.45), 16,041 link clicks (cost per link click: £0.16) and had a demographic split of Male 57.6% / Female 40.7%*. Contributing to these figures was a dedicated Black Friday sales campaign where Rooster had a reach target of 275,000 and impressions target of 960,000 – our campaign smashed these targets achieving a reach of 880,831 with 1,151,915 impressions. Furthermore, the three digital display ad campaigns generated 3,244,361 impressions and 2,596 link clicks.

Crucially though our activity had a direct impact on online ticket sales. The New Year 2017 sale results were double that of the previous year’s campaign! Overall, web sales were up 47% YOY (Jan – May, 2016 – 2017).                

*Note: demographic split sometimes doesn’t add up to 100% due to the fact some users don’t clarify their gender in their profiles.