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Motilal Oswal - #TheOnlyTIP

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In India, people love to portray themselves as gurus. Naturally, as a result, they have a plethora of tips to usher on one seeking advice. Though tips come easy and aplenty, the bombardment is bound to leave one baffled. After all, not all tips are right. Regrettably, there isn’t any tip to filter these tips. So, how does one make a decision to achieve his/her goal? The solution lies in the product we created. TIP (Target Investment Plan) lends a hand in accomplishing investment targets. To communicate the same to our TG, we designed a campaign that clicks with all and sundry. We roped in Mallika Dua – a contemporary comedian with mass appeal, using humour as a tool to break the clutter in the category. Using wordplay, we turned the tables in our favour. We created a digital film featuring Mallika Dua, who very wittingly exploits the futility of unsolicited tips and draws attention to #TheOnlyTIP an individual needs.