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Match Marketing Group Wins Event Marketer Awards for Pure Leaf Tea House Collection and FUJIFILM Wonder Photo Shop - Match Marketing Group

Match Marketing Group Wins Event Marketer Awards for Pure Leaf Tea House Collection and FUJIFILM Wonder Photo Shop

Project Clients: Fujifilm, Pure Leaf Tea

Match Marketing Group (Match MG) won Gold at the Experience Design & Technology Awards by Event Marketer for its work on Pure Leaf Tea House Collection and the FUJIFILM Wonder Photo Shop.

For the Wonder Photo Shop, the agency contributed to the launch of the new flagship photo and brand storefront experience in North America. This initiative is a continued investment by Fujifilm to increase their branding, impact and relevancy. Match was tasked with consulting on store design, digital, consumer engagement, merchandising and social marketing strategy for this immersive photo and brand experience in New York’s historical Flatiron District.

“Working with our partners at Fujifilm, Match was on the ‘ground floor’ of the design and execution of the Wonder Photo Shop which allows us to deploy our retail expertise across a mix of a permanent store and perishable content,” says Michael Dill, President at Match Marketing Group. “Today, retail experiences and brand experiences go hand-in-hand. The Wonder Photo Shop represents an incredible example of immersing consumers in a brand’s products, aesthetics and technology to not only deliver sales, but also participation.”

The Wonder Photo Shop is designed to promote a “Photo Renaissance” and the rebirth of the enjoyment of photography, featuring quick print kiosks with connectivity to mobile devices, print stations with a wide range of product capabilities and a photo booth. While there, guests become immersed in the experience, gain inspiration from their surrounding all while creating a wide range of personalized photo products.

The Gold win for ‘Best permanent or pop up retail experience’ recognizes that Match designed a space that feels inspirational, interactive and as creative as every individual that steps foot inside. Every aspect of this project from digital to in-store illustrates Fujifilm’s brand and what they have to offer. Through the Fujifilm Photo Wonder Shop consumers really get to experience what Fujifilm is all about.

For Pure Leaf, Match landed another Gold Experience Design & Tech award for the Pure Leaf Tea House Collection traveling teahouse.  The team brought to life an artfully crafted, tea-forward destination that provided consumers with an exclusive dining experience crafted by the unique and harmonious pairing of award winning culinary talent and highly recognized local craftsman.

Taking cues from the roots of the PepsiCo brand, the mobile experience offered attendees a chance to immerse themselves in a world of exquisite culinary treats, sustainable, modern design and the unique work of local craftsmen.

Tasked with creating an inspired and elevated teahouse experience that drives awareness and trial with target consumers, Match’s work was recognized with Gold for ‘Best outdoor environment.’

The traveling tea house hit seven major markets nationwide, including Lincoln Park in Chicago, Chelsea Triangle in New York City and Union Square in San Francisco among others. The 2016 tour also targeted in-store activations to support and drive consumer engagement and purchase.

"Our consumers are looking for one- of a kind experiences. They can see right through over-produced and engineered. They are looking for the story behind the brand. Our activation afforded us the opportunity to tell the real story of Pure Leaf Tea House Collection, in a memorable, crafted, and authentic way that consumers can relate to” says Elizabeth Seltzer, SVP of Brand Experiences at Match Marketing Group. “Recognition from Event Marketer is real validation that our teams’ work is building the brand awareness and impact on sales that our client expects.”