Allianz - My Car Stories

Project Clients: allianz

Whilst Allianz are one of the world’s leading insurers, they’ve had little brand equity in the crowded UK insurance sector, something made all the more important, with 90% of insurance sold via aggregator sites, where brand awareness is vital. 

Our job was to bridge the gap between a functional financial brand image with the need to be social, as well as demonstrating the brand’s empathetic values – the ultimate aim of increasing both brand awareness and consideration.

Recognising that audiences wouldn’t engage with messages about car insurance, we needed to come up with an idea that was connected to the brand offering, showed empathy and delivered it in an engaging format. Based on the success of  #SchoolRunStories and  #schoolrunhero, we worked on the idea that the car is present at many key milestones in life, and central to a lot of family interactions.  

In essence, Allianz understands the emotional connections that are formed within the family car, and the memories it holds. As such, #mycarstory was born focusing on the adventures that everyone has in their cars. 

We filmed families talking about real life events in their lives. Milestones included the Smiths bringing home baby Florrie and the Kirks bringing home Bones the dog. We also captured memorable everyday events including the Hamer’s visit to the Zoo and the Smith’s dad and his embarrassing music tastes. Family moments were shared, remembered and cherished. 

Based on the success of the first two pieces of activity, we extended this outside of Facebook and Twitter using the Unruly programmatic video platform and YouTube pre-rolls to amazing success.

Google said it was the strongest and best performing campaign they had ever seen, with 72% brand recall and 12% brand awareness being the highlights. Unruly reported a very strong 88% completion rate @3p per view.  Overall over 4.45 million people were reached with 46% of people watching the video, with 14% watching over 95%. There were over 48k engagements, and 3,250 social actions … all at a cost of 1p per view