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Glenfiddich - The Golden Hour

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Traditionally, whisky is not considered a summer beverage, and as a result, even Glenfiddich, the World’s Most Awarded Single Malt Scotch Whisky has a seasonal consumption problem. We needed to shift the perception of Glenfiddich being a cold weather drink. 

In order to shift the perception of Glenfiddich being a cold weather drink, we created a new drinking occasion.


The time when the sun starts to set, the jumpers come on and you light the barbeque, the perfect time for a summer dram. Based around the idea of a summer sunset as a time to savour, a campaign was launched to capture that perfect beautiful summer moment. We sent Glenfiddich Brand Ambassador Mark Thomson on a road trip to discover the best sunsets in Britain; a content generation exercise stretching the length of the UK, ending at the Distillery in Scotland.

This was charted in a Tumblr blog throughout the week, via fly on the wall video clips of Mark’s journey through to spectacular photos of the British countryside. At each location, Mark also hosted a whisky tasting for a few lucky Glenfiddich Explorers around the country – all of them enjoying the Golden Hour together.

Further to this, each sunset he found was captured as a virtual reality whisky tasting experience through Facebook 360 and Youtube 360. Where ever they were and even if it was a rainy day, fans could experience their own immersive golden hour, with a guide to their dram from Mark Thomson.

This execution was a digital first for both the brand and the Single Malt Whisky category; using new technology to go beyond distillery tours to really immerse fans in a whisky tasting experience, creatively dramatising the Golden Hour in an innovative way. We then encouraged fans to savour and capture their golden hours with a social hashtag: #GFGoldenHour, which ran across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.

On a minimal media budget of 20K, this campaign reached 2.2 million people, with 427K views of the campaign films. On the campaign webpage, the average dwell time sat at 00:04:39 proving the highly engaging nature of the content and social channels, these garnered 17K social actions (Likes, Comments and Shares), providing an Engagement Rate of 5.8%, and a cost per view of 5p, against a benchmark of 10p. Beyond this, we achieved a digital first for the brand, and savoured the perfect moment to enjoy a dram.