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Five things PrettyGreen learned at Influencer 360

by Lucy Mart

October 22, 2020

Influencer has always been the heart of what we do at PrettyGreen. In fact, when we first launched Nando’s back in 2009, we launched with an influencer campaign before it was even really a thing. Trailblazers or what?

When it comes to working with influencers these days, what used to change yearly now evolves daily, as clever creators master new features, platforms and algorithms quicker than their last selfie.

Recently, the team tuned in to Influence 360 to find out more about the ever-evolving, sometimes daunting, world of influencers.

Here’s our key take-outs from the day:

· Give influencers creative freedom – it’s their livelihood

If you give influencers the freedom to be creative, they will. Asking for too many brand mentions, messages or styling, takes away influencers’ creative control, which unsurprisingly, is less likely to generate traction with their audience.

· Don’t be afraid to rework your current strategy

Driving online sales are more important than ever in the era of COVID, so don’t be afraid to challenge your approach to put a bigger focus on online sales drivers. A targeted approach to influencer content can directly support sales especially when supported by one-click purchasing.

· Expensive production shoots may be dead… for now

While influencers continue to lead the charge on what attracts engagement and consumers call out for raw, authentic content, the days of expensive, over-stylised shoots may soon be dead. Many influencers are already super skilled at capturing content remotely, removing the need for expensive shoots and the hassle of on-set procedures in a world of social distancing. Paying an influencer to capture imagery of another influencer means the content can be cost effectively promoted on both influencer channels reaching bigger audiences.

· Pay fairly

Social communities such as Influencer Pay Gap are unveiling a huge difference in pay scales across the industry. Some influencers are charging huge amounts of coin for the same outputs as others, leaving those offering lower rates feeling disgruntled. When planning your next influencer campaign, you can avoid this by taking a holistic approach to payment.

· Be inclusive

This sounds like an obvious one – but seriously – many brands are still pushing out influencer campaigns led by a group of similar people. At minimum, influencer activity should feature 12% underrepresented groups across sexuality, ethnicity, body type and regionality, to name a few. Not only does this generate great results, but it helps showcase brand inclusivity, a subject we feel passionate about here at PrettyGreen HQ.


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