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SMARTY Mobile Launches Life Unlocked Campaign

by Jasmyn Nagar

As lockdown eases a little more around the UK, Brits are making changes to their spending and lifestyle habits, including cutting back on unnecessary expenses. We at PrettyGreen, worked with SIM-only network SMARTY Mobile to show how we can still enjoy post-lockdown life, by unlocking ourselves from life’s unnecessary add-ons.

Business Challenge:

Whether you had a rolling 12-month gym contract, that you probably never used, or whether you were spending way too much on that PRET lunch every day, lockdown has forced Brits to take a closer look at life’s unnecessary extras. To help the UK re-evaluate the way they spend their hard-earned cash, we helped SMARTY Mobile implement the Life Unlocked campaign, to show how contract-free and competitively priced one month phone plans, can give you that flexible post-lockdown lifestyle.

Our job was to challenge peoples’ spending habits and encourage a more simple outlook on spending.


· Encourage people to unlock themselves from add-ons, such as phone contracts and adopt a more flexible mobile provider

· Use the relevance of lockdown to inspire consumers to think smarter when it comes to their post-lockdown habits


We helped SMARTY commission research to investigate just how spending and lifestyle habits have changed. It found that Brits are re-prioritising their lifestyles, focusing on more important things, like spending time with family, dropping the tracksuit sweats and becoming more thoughtful with their spending. So, we launched Life Unlocked, a way to help people unlock themselves, not just from lockdown but from pointless payment commitments all-together!


We ran a multi-layered campaign across Print, Broadcast, Social and Online mediums, to launch our Life Unlocked campaign.

First, new research was commissioned to explore the thoughts and behaviours of UK thrifty spending. The study found 80% of Brits admit to wasting up to £3,600 a year on things they didn’t need pre-lockdown (the equivalent of four staycations), Gym memberships and clothes are out and packed lunches and home improvements are in; but the nation will continue spending in the pub and 82% of have committed to making cuts and savings on unnecessary expenses post-lockdown.

As well as commissioning research to boost this campaign, we partnered with award-winning comedian Omid Djalili to deliver the findings on broadcast, who used his own hilarious anecdotes to show how he unlocked himself from life’s unnecessary add-ons.

Elsewhere we partnered with influencers Martine McCutcheon, Toba Courage and The Humble Penny, challenging them to look back on their pricey lockdown habits and look forward to a more flexible and non-restricting post-lockdown future. Our influencers created engaging content which embodied SMARTY’s mantra of simplicity and no nonsense, reaching new audiences from Lifestyle, Money Saving and Spending Hacks.


Print, online (13 total) and broadcast coverage (19 interviews with a reach of 4M+).


13 pieces of coverage in print and online, including The Sun, Daily Star, Metro, Money Saving Expert and more with a total reach of over 43M+

19 broadcast pieces, including interviews on Daily Mirror Live, ITV London and regional BBC Radio stations across the country.

Across influencer channels, an impressive 163K+ impressions, 70k+ views and 1,300+ click-throughs to SMARTY’s website.

Business Impact:

The Life Unlocked campaign placed SMARTY in mainstream media in a positive light and engaged with a vast range of key target audiences successfully delivering SMARTY’s no nonsense and flexible key message.


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