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Rebrand Cities to be introduced in the UK to help local businesses launch their website.

21 March 2019 11:04am

Rebrand Cities, who are partnered with, is a non-profit organisation based in the U.S. With the support of local sponsors, they will be coming over to the UK this summer to help small businesses build their websites. Rebrand Cities will be partnering with local Brighton based agency, Pragmatic, to conduct a five day workshop in aim to activate the small business community in the UK.

To date, Rebrand Cities have helped launch websites for over 300 businesses, in 18 diverse industries. Their aim is for local communities to share their stories, show their strengths and prove that ‘Anything Is Possible’. They’re currently present in 8 cities across the U.S and will be launching in the UK in collaboration with digital WordPress agency, Pragmatic.

A five day course will take place at the Pragmatic offices in Brighton from the 3rd of June. During this workshop, up to 30 businesses will have the opportunity to create their new website through WordPress with the help of designers and developers from the Pragmatic team and the local WordPress community.

This event will provide local businesses with website development, a domain name, a responsive website design, hosting for one year, a five page website and customer support provided by There will also be the opportunity to participate in a professional photography shoot and a small business branding workshop.

With a high number of success stories throughout the U.S, this opportunity can help change the community here in the UK. However, this event will only be made possible with the support of other businesses to help sponsor this five day workshop. It will have a huge impact on local businesses by creating new jobs and revenue along the way. So, if your business is looking to get involved through sponsoring or would like to participate in the workshop and get help building your website, please contact Pragmatic or visit the Rebrand Cities website.


Rebrand Cities