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Brighton, United Kingdom
Founded: 2011
Staff: 50


Conde Nast

For the first time in history, ITV stopped broadcasting for a full hour to encourage the public to take part in Britain’s biggest ever sports day. The British Olympic Association, The National Lottery, ITV and Join In worked in collaboration on I Am Team GB, commissioning Pragmatic as the event’s WordPress technology partner.

With a very tight timeline, we created an accessible, yet technically complex website the public would use to register their interest and easily find nearby sporting events.

We far surpassed anticipated page views and signups, with over 970,000 people participating in I Am Team GB nationwide.

The site needed to be simple for people of all ages and abilities to use, so accessibility was a high priority.

We carried out a thorough accessibility audit in-house, incorporating the findings into the design and architecture, and achieving an AA WCAG 2.0 rating.

Features included simple navigation, high contrast and screen reader translations – as well as fast page speeds for those on slower connections.

We hosted the I Am Team GB website on a dedicated server cluster with WP Engine, optimised to deal with hundreds of concurrent event searches.

During the critical five-week sign up period, the site effortlessly handled high levels of traffic – attracting over one million users.