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We are Porter Novelli, the communications partner for the stakeholder era and we help clients close the say-do gap.

London, United Kingdom
Founded: 1972
Staff: 70


The say-do gap is the gap between what businesses say – as brands and through their products and services – and what they actually deliver. In an age when stakeholder expectations are high and constantly changing, when walk counts for more than talk, closing the gap is essential to progress.

We work with clients to engage employees, inspire customers, support suppliers, motivate investors – to close the say-do gap. We help organisations and brands do more than talk through our sharp minds, smart data and the power of honest communications, matching their actions to their intentions and keeping them true to what they stand for. Our work brings competitive edge and builds strong reputations that are earned not created.

65% of our business is run across EMEA and globally. Because we live in a truly interconnected world where everything and everyone is interdependent, hub & spoke models are often no longer agile enough. That’s why we use our Connected Core model – reinventing the location-based hub as a virtual collective of comms leads from across the region that operates as a gateway to our global network. Into this, we plug in relevant experts and specialists for each different project, who feed in or deliver on the ground where it’s needed. It’s sharper, smarter and delivers the impact our clients expect.

This model works well for us because everyone in our business makes smart connections across the network as soon as they join. We trust each other and know exactly where we can find the right expertise – and this is only strengthened by our own development programme, which allows teams to visit their connections across the markets regularly and so deepen the relationships.

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