Why we’ve rebranded as Playable

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Leadfamly has become Playable

To be honest we’ve always been playable. It’s at the heart of what we do with a subscription-based marketing gamification platform that helps marketers stand out from the crowd by encouraging consumers to engage through play.

It’s just that now we are reinforcing our expertise with a name change too.

So why the change?

We believe passionately in the power of games to engage and immerse customers in playable experiences that they remember. It’s been our core belief since we first founded the company in Denmark in 2017.

It means the content that we help marketers to produce has always been interactive and it’s always been engaging. It’s always been Playable. Only today that is becoming more important than ever.

Interactive content is on the rise – up by more than a third (34%) according to The State of Martech 2022 report. It’s because the role of experience is such an important element of the customer interaction, something that is important both instore and online. Experience is what customers remember, and what sets retailers apart from their competition.

And that’s what we do best at Playable. We provide interactive content that your customers remember for all the right reasons – because it provides an engaging, fun experience that has play at its heart.

Our platform offers more than 30 different game concepts that consumers love to play because they are game concepts that are so, dare we say it, playable. They replicate games consumers have likely played in real life, and they offer rewards that consumers simply can’t resist – whether that’s a discount code, product freebie or just the enjoyment of playing.

It’s this smorgasbord of benefits that pulls customers in, offering a marketing experience that has moved from passive to playable.

Of course, becoming Playable isn’t just about providing a moment or two of fun for the consumer – there are serious business advantages behind it too. It works because it satisfies the needs of both the consumer and the marketer.

Consumers are demanding more from brands. They want greater personalisation since they realise that this means a consumer experience that is more relevant to them.

But they are also more protective of their data than ever. This is in part because they have realised its value and want more for it. It’s also because they are protecting themselves from the overwhelming amount of marketing messages they receive.

As the marketer you need to cut through this volume of messaging, as well as persuade consumers to engage with your brand. Playable marketing helps to build customer relationships and trust by building meaningful connections. As these connections are established and strengthened customers open up and reveal more about themselves. It’s those revelations – the first- and zero-party data that they share – that allow you to get closer still.

Playable marketing allows you to create experiences your customers love, that are aligned to their needs and reward them more broadly for engaging. Quite simply it creates marketing that matters more to your consumers.

And when it matters more then you know you have the engagement with your brand that you need.

We’ve become Playable. Isn’t it time that your business becomes playable too?