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Pixelbuilders were approached by the North East, Yorkshire & Humberside division of the Help To Buy group, and tasked with redesigning their existing website

The brief was to put usability at the heart of our creative concept, with the aim of delivering a leading Help To Buy website that’s easy to use and visually appealing.

  • To deliver a modern yet accessible website design that’s easy to use and simple to navigate
  • To create a product centric website that clearly showcases developers’ homes
  • To design a leading Help To Buy website, raising the benchmark for the group’s digital presence

Creative Concept

Our creative concept for the new Help To Buy website for the North East, Yorkshire & Humberside division, was to balance the desire for a modern, visually impressive and engaging website design with the need for a website that is also universally accessible and easy to use.

To do this we delivered strong visual impact through the use of a full screen image carousel on the homepage, which also serves as a background for the all-important search functionality, giving users a clear starting point for their property search.

From a practical point of view, we ensured the new website design could accommodate the property feeds integrated into the website, in a way that ensures the aesthetics of the website would not be compromised by different image sizes and image orientations.

Project Insights

Keeping the need for great user experience and simple navigation in mind, we developed robust search functionality for the new Help To Buy website, that allows users to refine their search parameters across several key categories such as price and location. The search results can then be sorted as well, further improving on site user experience.

The Kentico CMS was also leveraged in a number of ways to improve the usability of the website, in this case for the developers listing their homes with Help To Buy and the Help To Buy team themselves. As a result, properties can be listed on the site in 3 different ways: through the developer portal, directly through the Kentico CMS or through a feed integration.

For the feed integration, we used Kentico’s scheduled tasks functionality to import properties automatically, on a daily basis. This also ensures the properties on the Help To Buy website are managed in real time, with a new property document being created for new items in the feed, and existing property documents being either updated or removed from the site if the item is no longer in the feed. This in turn ensures good front end usability because users are not returned sold out developments in their search results.

Custom tables are leveraged to report on the number of properties that are added, removed or changed on the site after the feed integration is run each day and the global event handling functionality ensures that the same code is used regardless of how the property documents were created, keeping the site code streamlined and well optimised for search engines by reducing page load speeds.

The Solution

The new Help to Buy NEYH website is another great example of our work and experience within the property sector – alongside working with Strata Homes, Keepmoat and New Home Finder.

The site has multiple integrations with property feeds from the major housebuilders and is designed to ensure users are presented with up to date information about the properties and purchase schemes available.

The implementation of the interactive calculators also helps users understand how much they can afford and gives a useful indication of whether or not they’re applicable for the schemes.

The team at Help to Buy have really embraced the CMS, their new site and are already seeing many leads being generated for the house builder whom list their properties on the website.

Martin Oates,

Commercial Director


  • A fresh and modern website design that stands out from the crowd while still maintaining the Help To Buy branding and look and feel
  • Sophisticated search functionality that is simple and easy to use placing Help To Buy’s product offering at the centre of the user experience
  • A well optimised content manged website built to modern industry standards