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Connected TV to connect with your audience

by Eleanor Hanwell

April 30, 2021

The technology behind televisions has come on massively in recent years. Not to show my age but growing up we had a tube TV that used to randomly colour everything pink until you hit the top with your hand. Then when I went to university, I had a TV with a video player built in and I thought that was cool.

Now the television in my house does everything bar the washing up. Live TV channels, streaming apps, internet so I can get straight onto YouTube. Plus, I can stream pretty much everything to my TV from my iPhone. Smart TV’s really do live up to their name!

When your TV is smarter than you

Connected television (CTV) can be supported by any device that is designed to support multimedia and connect streaming from the Internet (internet-capable TV set, video game consoles such as Xbox, PlayStation, Blu-ray Disk Player, or Smart TV). This connectivity opens up a host of entertainment options, from streaming video on Netflix and Disney+ to playing games, checking social media and WhatsApp, and controlling a whole house full of connected gadgets.

Newer models now include voice recognition tools, like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, for switching channels and searching for programs. They can also be connected with smart speakers you already own, offering you some or all of that functionality right from your TV.

If I wanted to, in my house I could connect the TV to Alexa and our Hive app and control the lights and heating from my sofa simply by chatting to my television, something that university me would have thought was wild!

Like many people, going into lockdown made my world pretty small and the television essentially became a saviour. Thanks to the technology it could become a portal for exercise thanks to streaming options and YouTube, communication due to WhatsApp and the ability to stream Zoom to it and shopping, thanks to the internet connection. That’s not to mention binge watching Bridgerton and Tiger King via NetFlix.

That’s a whole lot of people from different demographics, with their attention on a single device.

What about connecting with customers

But what are the opportunities that connected television offers to us as marketeers? As more and more households start to use a simple device for more and more activities, we are missing a trick if we don’t ensure that we take advantage of this opportunity.

In fact, in August 2020, Ofcom reported that more than 50% of households subscribe to at least one subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) service. That’s a massive opportunity!

As consumers spend more of their time on streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ and NowTV, it is harder for marketers to reach viewers solely via linear TV. This is where Connected TV (CTV) comes in as it allows advertisers, both digital and TV buyers to reach this growing set of users in a measurable and targetable way. Add to that the fact that CTV is not yet dominated by the agencies and broadcasters that have the monopoly on linear TV and you have a market where currently a large number of buyers have a slice of the pie!

More buyers, mean more opportunities and because there is an element of competition, it can mean better measurement capabilities too. Plus, as this is still a growing market, right now less people are taking advantage of the opportunity. This is a shame as CTV brings together the benefits of linear TV advertising such as an engaged audience, with the benefits of digital advertising such as specific targeting and access to data.

One of the biggest benefits to advertising via CTV to us as marketeers is the ability to really drill down into specific demographics. For example, targeting a particular geographic area, within a certain distance from a physical store, rather than having to serve an ad to a whole TV region. This specific targeting opens up TV advertising to brands who might not have previously considered it as a viable option.

There are many ways to access CTV advertising, from private marketplaces, such as Freewheel, SpotX and Magnite to direct broadcasters and streaming service providers, such as Sky who offers AdSmart. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming and that’s where working with an agency (such as PinPoint Media) can help. We already have relationships with providers and can walk you through the process.

Streaming isn’t everything

It’s easy to think that everyone is streaming everything all the time, but I’m not so sure. BBC3 moved to an iPlayer only format on the 16 February 2016 because the BBC felt that it’s demographic (16–34-year-olds) were so switched on to streaming that they didn’t need a designated channel. Now, this decision is being reversed and BBC3 is coming back to the TV.

I for one am not surprised as for all the streaming options there will always be some television that we want to watch together. From live sport such as the Six Nations, to competition shows such as The Great British Sewing Bee. There will always be television that is an event. That we must watch live to avoid spoilers.

At the moment for me it is Sunday night’s Line of Duty and it’s clear I am not alone. Almost 10 million viewers tuned in to its fifth episode, with audience figures confirming that Line of Duty was the most-watched show across all terrestrial channels on Sunday night (April 18). I regularly watch it and then head straight to Twitter to delve into all the theories that other fans have.

This is where ‘connected TVs’ really create connection, as even if I am watching television alone, I never really am when I can share other people’s reactions on Twitter or chat with my friends on WhatsApp about *spoiler alert* what happened after those two gunshots!

CTV offers the opportunity to advertise to consumers whatever they are watching, whether that’s live TV, recorded TV or one of the other million ways they might be using their TV. Taking advantage of this medium is a smart move as it’s only set to grow in the future. Ofcom has highlighted the speed of this growth as: “up from 39% last year, demonstrating the rapid rate at which adoption of these services is still growing.”

How we can help you with CTV

We are experts in creating TV advertising that works for your business. We can guide you through the process including creating a brief, script, concept and content. We can also walk you through the ClearCast and full advertising process.

We are storytellers. We create content that works. If you are struggling to add TV advertising to your strategy, this is also something we can help shape for you with our content strategy team. You wouldn't set off on a journey without a destination, so don’t create TV advertising without a strategy.


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