The Go Show Pulse Takeover - PHD EMEA, South Africa

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MTN was South Africa’s first mobile network but had lost the younger generations to competitors… seriously impacting revenues

We needed to reconnect to sell more prepaid plans so we went to where young people are: the influencers that shape their opinions. We recruited them to take over The Go Show, South Africa’s best-known entrepreneurial TV series.

Our hosts drew young people into TV, with a show that was adapted to work like social content, split into three-minute broadcast slots. Across 20 segments, we challenged young entrepreneurs to win digital makeovers, bringing their business ideas to life with free MTN Pulse mobile internet access. We pushed our message via MTV’s ‘VJ Culture Squad’, on radio, via targeted socials, search, and display ads.

We also became the first telco to broadcast on Palm TV, an influencer platform that streams online and on digital OOH sites.


6M Young South Africans Saw the Takeover Episodes

+18% MTN's User Base Grew

+19% Sales Up

+279K New Sign-ups