SHIFT SESSIONS PODCAST: Episode 6: (Re)organising for the Future

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Learn what’s prompting business change – and how to get it right

Learn what’s prompting business change – and how to get it right

We live in uncertain times.

In the wake of the global pandemic, ways of working are changing, consumer behaviours are evolving, and the global economy is in flux.

In response, many organisations are being forced to change too, reorganising to better serve the shifting – and sometimes, contradictory – needs of their customers, employees, and shareholders.

But how do you get organisational change right?

To find out, we spoke with three experts from across the Omnicom network:

Mark Holden, WW CSO, PHDAli Pulver, SVP Commercial Operations, DASCheryl Ferguson, President and Co-founder of Dagger Wing Group

In this 25-minute episode, we discuss:

What is prompting so many organisations to restructureThe key challenges of structural changeHow ‘Organisational Consultants’ can help, and how outputs differ in organisations of different sizes

Listen to ‘(Re)organising for the Future’ below, or stream on Spotify, Apple, Amazon and Audioboom.


About The Shift Sessions

The Shift Sessions is a six-part podcast series from PHD.

In each episode, released weekly from 1 November – 13 December 2022, PHD’s Pollyanna Ward, Social Account Director, and marketing experts from PHD and the Omnicom Group, explore how and why the function of marketing is shifting, identify the new roles that will dominate teams in the future, and explain how to start building these capabilities today.

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