SHIFT SESSIONS PODCAST: Episode 5: Cracking the Codes of Commerce

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Learn how to connect new commerce channels and sell more

Learn how to connect new commerce channels and sell more

Commerce is changing.

Behavioural shifts during the pandemic pushed more people online and ecommerce saw 10 years of growth in 10 months.

To catch up, companies digitised 20-25 times faster in 2021 than the year before, and the fight to win consumers online – and in the real world – is now fiercer than ever.

But what can brands do to get commerce right? Is there a one-size-fits all approach? And how will commerce change in the future?

To find out, we spoke with Steve Mader, Global Head of Commerce at PHD Global Business.

In this 25-minute episode, Mader explains:

How shopping behaviours are changing (and how this is creating new demands within marketing teams).

How to build a successful commerce strategy (and the skills/roles you need in your teams to activate them).

What good looks like (including best practice commerce activation examples).

Listen to ‘Cracking the Codes of Commerce’ below, or stream on Spotify, Apple, Amazon and Audioboom.


About The Shift Sessions

The Shift Sessions is a six-part podcast series from PHD.

In each episode, released weekly from 1 November – 13 December 2022, PHD’s Pollyanna Ward, Social Account Director, and marketing experts from PHD and the Omnicom Group, explore how and why the function of marketing is shifting, identify the new roles that will dominate teams in the future, and explain how to start building these capabilities today.

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