SHIFT SESSIONS PODCAST: Episode 3: Using your Agency as a Platform for Growth

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Learn how client-agency relationships are changing and how agencies are finding new ways to helping brands grow, even after in-housing

As data and martech become increasingly democratised, more and more marketers are considering in-housing their media planning and buying activities.

But taking the plunge doesn’t have to mean going it alone, or, indeed, the end of agency relationships.

Because, instead, as partnerships evolve, so too are agencies, with many now helping in-housed clients leverage their network’s scale, tap into their best talent, and use their first-mover advantages as a platform for growth.

To learn more, in this episode of The Shift Sessions, we spoke with Liz Donaldson, PHD’s Chief Agency Development Officer and Global Business Lead, to discuss the idea of using an ‘Agency as a Platform’, what a typical relationship looks like, and how to maximise outcomes.

In this 25-minute episode, Donaldson explains:

How traditional client/agency relationships are evolving.

Key considerations and learnings from clients that are already working this way.

The impact on pricing structures and billings.

Listen to ‘Using your Agency as a Platform for Growth’ here, or stream on Spotify, Apple, Amazon and Audioboom.


About The Shift Sessions

The Shift Sessions is a six-part podcast series from PHD.

In each episode, released weekly from 1 November – 6 December 2022, PHD’s Pollyanna Ward, Social Account Director, and marketing experts from PHD and the Omnicom Group, explore how and why the function of marketing is shifting, identify the new roles that will dominate teams in the future, and explain how to start building these capabilities today.


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