Breaking ROI records with DFDS

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The Challenge

The Challenge

With games well established with their audiences across key markets in the UK and the Nordics, DFDS wanted to replicate that success across their other territories, 12 in total in fact!

These territories had mixed exposure to DFDS games, so they needed a game that would entertain everyone whilst bolstering sales and boosting marketing lists.

Jack’s back!

Having starred in a number of successful games and already being a bit of a hit on multiple DFDS Ferry routes, we knew it would be Jack that would win the hearts of these new audiences.

Building on Jack’s Epic Adventure, we had him take to the skies of Europe, travelling between regions and collecting tasty collectables sponsored by route-specific restaurants. By collecting DFDS golden Ferry tickets, players travelled with Jack to key European destinations chosen to align with the target markets featuring recognisable landmarks as a nod to local players.

In playing the game players had a shot at winning an iPad and also unlocked great special offers available only through the game which helped boost traffic and uptake on dedicated packages on the DFDS site

Each territory version of the game had its own unique URL, local language game copy, graphics and UI as well as dedicated leaderboard and analytics to help make tracking stats by territory easy.

Engage at every stage

Through re-engagement functionality, players were notified if they were knocked off the Top 100 or if a friend beat their score, encouraging friendly competition and enticing them back to play. This also ensured players were shown the ‘offers unlocked’ screen again and again, increasing the chances of them clicking through.

We also included a social sharing panel for players to share their scores directly to social media. Players could update their social networks on their success and DFDS could enjoy the buzz!

The Results - From Players to Passengers

DFDS Conversion Manager Liam Coulson explains...

Jack’s European Tour was our biggest launch to date, the stats were phenomenal. Not only did we see fantastic levels of opt-ins and 700,000 games completed – but we also saw a significant amount of revenue generated via the offers attached to the game – a new company record in terms of ROI!”