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Paradise London launches a new online platform, built for brands

by Amber van de Sande

March 18, 2020

When Paradise London first opened its doors in 2013, the service list was logo design and brochures, with the odd bit of film thrown in for good measure. Fast forward 6 years and they’re launching a fully integrated platform encompassing a range of creative output.

The tag is ‘A fully integrated and independent creative agency dedicated to enhancing, connecting and refining brands worldwide’. Advertising campaigns, design, and brand output, activations, merchandising, content creation and a dedicated live platform are just some of the core verticals that make up the agency’s palette to date. The work is underpinned by an ever-growing list of media, music and entertainment clients in London, Sydney, Amsterdam and the US to name but a few.

Paradise London was founded by two musicians and the agency have grown their team in a similar fashion ever since. The London HQ is comprised of designers, actors, strategists, producers, writers, and bloggers culminating in a collective that are able to deliver actual creative output for their projects. It’s been a theory that you don’t tend to generate your most groundbreaking innovations stuck behind a desk 9-5, so an agency that continually encourages a culture that maximises creativity through experiences and travel.

You can read a lot more about this in the new Culture and Journal areas of the website.

Paradise London was launched to integrate and connect all areas of the agency’s work – in-depth case studies, blogs, and video content are showcased across both the Creative and Live sectors, with the eagerly anticipated Paradise London Lounge, Sessions, & podcasts soon to follow at the start of 2020. It’s an opportunity for clients, creatives, and marketeers to see some of the fantastic work being created by the Paradise London team, and a fantastic online resource to continually inspire and connect those who don’t currently have the agency on their radar.

Keep up to date with all things Paradise right here, and be sure to drop into their cosy Whisky Lodge inside the Holborn office to discuss how the agency can add value to your next creative project.


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