I am NOT a photographer, I am...

...a 'Best of breed' commercial photographic retoucher and visual architect.

Emerged from the heady analogue days of film, chemicals, scalpel blades, paintbrushes and dark rooms - Into the intoxicating moment of the present with Apple, tea, mouse, Wacom and home studio with a view.

An ethical and holistic view to image creation that can include pre/post photography input and ensure the best result within well understood real world constraints.

I'm a good communicator and believe that being able to visualise what the CD/Client want and then over-delivering on that expectation has always been my best offer and effort. I like to work from home and have usedhttp://basecamphq.com/ for the last 10 years to remotely collaborate successfullyover geographies.

Very happy to talk about real jobs or pipe dreams, so please call or email me and introduce yourself.

May you be well and happy,

Dan Watkins :-)

Print technology, Reprographics, Image creation and manipulation, Colour management, Brand asset management, Collaboration, New media, Honourableness and reliability.
Founded 1971
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