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Website Redevelopment: J Dickinsons & Sons

by Dom Pope

The Goals

From January 2020, J Dickinson & Sons have been aspiring to have a new, more user friendly and cleaner looking website, that better portrayed their brand. This meant that Own Your Space were required to build an entirely new website, which looked to address several issues that both we pointed out and J Dickinson had mentioned, during the initial pitch for the work.

Fortunately, this nicely tied-in to the other work that Own Your Space was awarded from J Dickinson, the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). By winning these contracts, Own Your Space was able to spend more time on website development, placing more focus on the SEO impacts of each decision during the initial development phase.

The Obstacles

The previous contract holders were very reluctant to participate and cooperate in the previous websites file transfer, as well as any additional document sharing. Whilst this resulted in delays to the initial schedule that was planned. To avoid J Dickinson experiencing more stress, Own Your Space handled all of the file transfers on their behalf, keeping them informed every step of the way. Much to their satisfaction.

Further obstacles were caused from the announcement of the nationwide lockdown as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Further delaying the launch of the website. However, this was viewed as yet another opportunity to get more elements of the website build in place, which fell under Own Your Space’s SEO strategy.

The Results

Own Your Space have been able to produce a new website that has been given a fresher and bolder image, supporting J Dickinson’s plans to revitalise their branding, in a subtle but powerful way. What's more, the delays experienced, were turned into positives as this allowed for us to work further on the sitemap, canonicals, permalinks and the content, alongside J Dickinson’s in order to produce an effective, user friendly website, that converted.

Since the Website launch, Own Your Space, have been able to capitalise on their development and content creation work, showcasing big leaps forward, as the business begins to climb up the rankings, as a result of the indexing results. Whats more, we are now proud to say that the business is currently sitting in position 2 for 11 search terms, (with one of those terms being “skip hire bolton”) with aspirations of reaching position 1 in the coming months.


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J Dickinson & Sons