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Web Development and SEO/UX Rejuvenation for RJ Martindale

by Dom Pope


RJ Martindale Ltd are plumbing and heating solutions professionals who provide skilled professional and personal heating and plumbing services to customers in Bolton and neighboring locations such as Manchester and Lancashire.

They reached out to Own Your Space with the mission of improving their technical & local SEO, identify key areas for website development with a site audit and from there, enhance the user experience.

What We Found

When running an initial website audit, we identified a couple of issues which needed to be addressed. The technical SEO analysis shown that at least 20% or meta descriptions were either missing or had completely empty fields, which becomes an issue as when performing a site crawl, Google would not be able to interpret precisely what is on the page, and this in turn, harms the user experience.

Alongside this, the website ran slow due to large images consuming the page speed, and images were noted to be missing alt text. This again, damages the user experience and will encourage the user to leave your website and find what they're looking for on another website.

There was not a great deal of information on Google regarding RJ Martindale, with opening hours and contact information not shown. This becomes an issue for any form of customer as if they need to enquire about the services, it isn't presented to them with ease, and they will look for other local businesses.


To rejuvenate the RJ Martindale website and push their technical and local SEO, we needed to work with the client and amend any errors. We found opportunity to push through by correcting the alt text on images and compressing the file sizes, but with the image quality still being sharp and appealing for the user experience.

We also provided unique, compelling and keyword-rich meta descriptions which would allow Google to perform accurate crawls and for users to understand exactly what was on the page.

Own Your Space optimized RJ Martindale's local SEO by performing thorough keyword research and competitor analysis, to see exactly where they stood in terms of the Bolton and surrounding markets. From there, we also added all and vital information to Google My Business which allows a local audience to have access to business information with ease.

Own Your Space are continuing to monitor and work with RJ Martindale to lift their performance, increase their rankings and ensure they're the number one business in their field for the areas that they're targeting.


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