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Trusted collaboration delivers digital transformation with Etisalat, Initiative and Moat by Oracle

March 9, 2021

Etisalat UAE is a multinational telecommunications provider that operates across Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. They wanted to accelerate their digital journey and sought to understand how they can manage and protect their brand identity online. To execute, the Etisalat UAE team worked with agency partner Initiative—one of the world’s premier media agencies—and MRC-accredited Moat by Oracle.

Driving toward brand awareness and engagement

The team set out to improve the overall effectiveness of Etisalat’s digital display and video advertising to increase brand awareness. The core focus was securing premium, brand-safe inventory for Etisalat to increase consumer engagement and protect their brand across the open web.

Increasing viewability and attention were also significant priorities to Initiative and Etisalat. These metrics would provide Etisalat with greater transparency into digital performance and better control over their ad spend.

Equipped with Moat by Oracle’s comprehensive dashboard of metrics, and relying on its trusted history of brand stewardship, Initiative transformed Etisalat’s digital performance and drove notable improvements across viewability, brand safety, and attention.


  • Viewability: Display in-view rate increased 11%
  • Cost savings: Display eVCPM decreased 21%, Video eVCPM decreased 40%
  • Cost savings: Display eVCPM decreased 21%, Video eVCPM decreased 40%
  • Brand Safety & IVT: Display IVT decreased 36%, Display brand safety increased 2%
  • Attention: Universal interaction time increased 44%, Universal interaction rate increased 69%, Average Page Dwell Time increased 18%

"Etisalat is persistent in constantly executing new solutions that can ensure better brand safety and help us track more advanced media measurements that reflect in our business.” - Fares Fares, vice president of digital communication at Etisalat

"Working with Etisalat and Moat by Oracle for the past three years we have tested and implemented a variety of tech solutions. At Initiative, we believe as the digital ecosystem expands and becomes more complex, relying on partners like Moat by Oracle will help us keep our clients’ communications within a safe environment and deliver more out of our media budgets.” - Saadeddine Nahas, regional digital director, Initiative

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By Cat Gallacher, Moat by Oracle, senior account manager


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