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Top Amazon performance tips for 2022

by James Pitts-Drake

December 20, 2021

Optimizon is a full service Amazon Agency, helping brands sell more and increase their return on investment. Here they reveal just a few areas of Amazon that your business should be focusing on in 2022, followed by some expert tips.

Make sure you've got Amazon seller fundamentals covered

This article assumes that your business is already selling on Amazon. However, before we delve into more niche tips for your account performance, it is imperative to ensure that your business has the Amazon seller fundamentals covered.

These are the areas your business should have fully optimized in order to improve sales and performance on Amazon:

Unless you have these areas covered, your business or brand will continue to operate at a disadvantage on Amazon. You’ll find articles covering all of these topics in more detail on our Knowledge Base.

Expect Amazon's general pricing rule to tighten in 2022

Amazon’s little known ‘general pricing rule’ is designed to enforce low pricing, and could damage your business if ignored.

So, multichannel sellers beware. In 2022, Amazon’s web crawlers will be even more sophisticated at detecting price differences, not just on Amazon itself, but all over the web.

If you’re offering lower prices on eBay, Wayfair, OnBuy, any other marketplaces, or even your own web store, it can lead to a loss of seller privileges, penalties, and even suspension.

One benefit from keeping your prices as low as possible on Amazon is that Google is increasingly displaying Amazon results in their 'shopping' search results. Maintaining low prices on Amazon may result in a lower margin in some areas, but it will lead to more clicks through to your product listings (and higher sales) on both Amazon and Google.

Utilize Amazon image storyboarding

We don’t need to tell you how important images are when it comes to communicating your product to potential buyers.

There is a relatively recent method to increase conversion rates that you should be aware of, which we call Amazon Image Storyboarding.

Instead of simply uploading a selection of photos, each image can be designed with a cohesive visual theme and Instagram-style graphics. In other words, short text can be added to each image, in the same framework as your bullets.

It is pushing the boundaries of Amazon’s technical guidelines, but it’s a sure-fire way to turbo-boost your product listings. In fact, Optimizon has seen eye-watering uplifts in conversion rates and sales owing to this simple change.

Much of the success of this technique is driven by mobile users. Amazon’s mobile experience means that users may not see the text bullets at all, so the message conveyed by the images is vital.

You should aim to take the customer on a journey through the images. They are already at the part of the buying funnel where they are ready to buy. You can now include information that confirms their decision.

Our content experts recommend that you include the brand’s logo on the images throughout, using colours and fonts from your brand guidelines to enhance brand awareness and buyer experience. Everything should be in keeping with the A+ content, storefront and other external marketing platforms. so it’s all consistent and recognizable.

Sell on Amazon Business

Amazon Business will be a huge growth area in 2022. Amazon is heavily investing in its B2B marketplace. If your company isn’t selling on Amazon Business yet, our advice is that you should get in on the act before your competitors do.

If you are already an Amazon seller, it costs nothing to add Amazon Business to your account. It gives the potential for you to make B2B selling easier, and open up your products to a wider audience.

Amazon Business allows you to benefit from higher visibility and lower fees on high volume transactions. It also gives you the opportunity to grow sales by reaching millions of B2B customers across the globe. Customers that would be very hard to reach otherwise.

As a seller, there are multiple other benefits, which we cover in detail in our ‘What is Amazon Business’ article. It’s worth looking into because it is likely that the platform will continue to see major growth in the UK and other regions.

Amazon Ads: What's new in 2022?

Increasing your Amazon sales via Amazon ads could be the fastest way to achieve sales growth in 2022.

Success will come down to the margins you make from selling your products on Amazon.

Try to calculate your true cost of sale on your own platform (taking account of premises, postage, packing, advertising, etc). Run a number of test campaigns on Amazon and compare the two.

Remember, all marketplaces and selling platforms are designed to be pay-to-play services. If you invest in Amazon Ads, there will be spillover benefits to your organic Amazon search results. In other words, an effective ad campaign can increase sales, and it can also lead to improvements in your organic Amazon performance.

You should always plan to invest a proportion of your revenue back into ads, and then refine the campaigns to achieve optimal performance. For a rough guide on how much you should invest in Amazon ads, you can check out our article ‘Why is Amazon PPC important, and how much should you spend on it.

Expert tips for 2022

Finally, we asked our team of experts at Optimizon to provide their most important tips for getting the best out of your account in 2022. Here’s what they said:

  • Treat your Amazon storefront, like your virtual retail shopfront. Give shoppers the same brand experience and always keep your storefront up to date with the newest products and deals you have running.
  • Make sure you know all the fees associated with selling your product on Amazon and how they are calculated. Know your product margins and price your products accordingly so that it doesn’t cost you more than you will generate. Knowing your margins is vital when deciding where to feed Amazon’s Flywheel.
  • Keep up to date with competitors by analyzing market share. Knowing the market allows you to look for opportunities within that market.
  • Always make sure you have a constant supply of stock and that your listings never go out of stock as this will affect its ranking. Fulfilment could be the biggest issue facing sellers in 2022.
  • Always pay attention to Amazon category guidelines when setting up products. This gives you a clear guide on how to list products correctly based on the category it is in. These guidelines change often, and there are more to look out for in 2022.
  • Images are vital. Have at least seven images on your listing, and if possible a video too. Make sure your images are of high quality to allow shoppers to zoom into the image. Where possible, Storyboard your images - this will have a big effect on mobile optimization.
  • Ensure your products are listed with GS1 barcodes. Amazon has made it clear that GS1 is the preferred supplier of barcodes. In the future, other providers may be phased out.

If you want to see more expert insights and insider tips, you can download our full Amazon Insights 2022 Report here, for free. It contains optimization tips, insights and expert opinions for Amazon sellers in 2022.


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