A pioneering Innovation and Knowledge Centre for synthetic biology

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SynbiCITE is the UK’s national centre for the commercialisation of synthetic biology

With the primary objective of accelerating, facilitating and promoting the commercial exploitation of synthetic biology research and technology, SynbiCITE are a powerful catalyst in a rapidly emerging industry - designed to deliver substantial benefits to the UK economy.

Refining an existing brand

As part of the site's redesign, it was important to evolve the SynbiCITE logo in a way that was consistent with the new aesthetic. We simplified and modernised the brand with a larger, clearer type, a simpler colour palette and removing the strapline, as well as making calculated modifications to the logo's spacing.

Data model

The SynbiCITE site architecture is a driven by a relational database that connects people, organisations and partners to provide a holistic network of synthetic biology professionals and associations. Spanning the academic and industrial, the SynbiCITE network is fully manageable through the site's content management system and simple to modify and update.

Solid UX strategy

A large site with lots of interconnected content needs design decisions founded in solid UX principles. The card-driven design, selective colour palette and clear navigation was designed to simplify and elevate the user's experience throughout a varied collection of multimedia content.

Modern UI design

Balancing a site's user interface components is a significant part of ensuring a clear, measured design system across mobile, tablet and desktop platforms. A clear, minimal typographic system and icon set, set against structured in-page content was key to ensuring the clarity of large volumes of scientific and commercial information.