Impactful digital presence for climate change fighting initiative

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The challenge

The challenge

Climate-change invoked weather volatility has a significant and measurable impact on the world's food supply chains. In order to combat this the WINnERS project is underway to research and undertake work programmes to analyse, understand and combat the huge economic losses caused by destructive weather systems.

Engaging brand and multimedia design

We chose an elegant typographic brand treatment, complemented by a supporting colour palette and type system. With the building blocks in place we chose a series of high-impact images and videos that would be used to add visual context to the project’s digital presence.

Delivering a thematic information experience

The work programmes area delivers aggregated information for a series of individual work programmes. Using a data-driven approach to connecting information around a single theme ensures that website users enjoy a more structured and relevant informational experience, and the site is easier to manage for project stakeholders.

Cratfing device-specific user experiences

All Onespacemedia websites are designed and developed to be responsive from the ground up. Whether browsing the site on a mobile, tablet or desktop computer, WINnERS website visitors enjoy an optimised experience for their specific device. The underlying site design and the content are reorientated at various break points to provide a seamless transition from one device to another.