Digital transformation for global life science innovators

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Kymab is a Cambridge-based biopharmaceutical company working to develop pioneering therapies and drive world-leading vaccine discovery - using a unique, world-leading platform to deliver human antibodies. Funded by some of science's most notable investment funds (The Wellcome Trust, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) Kymab’s technology assures the highest likelihood of discovering best-in-class drug and vaccine candidates, using efficient technology to develop products in some of the world’s most challenging and important pharmaceutical areas.

Kymab appointed Onespacemedia to redesign and redeliver the company's website to use first-class design to reflect their best-in-class scientific work.


With an ambitious growth target across a number of different therapeutic spaces, it was up to the Onespacemedia team to design a powerful but simple mechanism to communicate the value of the organisation's pipeline and the partners that Kymab work with. We also commissioned, art directed and managed a photoshoot custom designed to deliver outstanding digital assets for the website and beyond.