Swoop sends customers South with ‘The Warmest Hoodie Ever’ ticket deal

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The low-cost carrier has created the world’s first hoodie that doubles-up as a plane ticket to warmer climes

Swoop, Canada’s ultra-low-cost airline, has launched its Swoopwear apparel along with “The Warmest Hoodie Ever” ~ the first hoodie that’s also a plane ticket South. The campaign was created in collaboration with OLIVER, the world’s only company that exclusively designs, builds and runs in-house agencies for brands.

This innovative campaign is aimed at reinforcing Swoop’s status as Canada’s number one discount airline. It will give 100 Canadian travellers the chance to escape winter at its peak; anyone that buys the hoodie will get a round-trip airfare to a hot destination. (It’s literally the warmest hoodie ever!)

Kelly Steward, Swoop’s Senior Marketing, Digital and Communications Lead, said: “We’re always looking for ways to make travel more accessible and affordable for Canadians. OLIVER has helped us deliver an innovative campaign that will help people book low-cost flights and escape the cold this winter.

“Those keen for some winter sun can purchase the hoodie for just 100$ CA, which is significantly lower than what is costs to fly South during peak season. Then – once wearing the hoodie – they’ll be prompted to scan the QR code, which will direct them to the microsite to choose a location on Swoop’s flight list. With only 100 hoodies available, Canadians will have to act fast!”

Bernardo Andrada, Executive Creative Director at OLIVER North America, added: “This campaign gives a fresh lens on the tired Winter Sun deals that airlines run every year. Swoop wanted an innovative, easy and cost-effective way to help people grab some warm weather following a tough couple of years. ‘Scan, fly, beach’. This campaign is as simple as that.”

The Warmest Hoodie Ever drops February 22, 2023, on Swoopwear.ca.