OLIVER wishes everyone a happy holiday with the carbon negative NFTree

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Clients and staff around the world will receive their own carbon negative NFTree as a non-fungible token of OLIVER’s appreciation

Clients and staff around the world will receive their own carbon negative NFTree as a non-fungible token of OLIVER’s appreciation.

OLIVER ~ the world’s only company to focus exclusively on designing, building and running in-house agencies and marketing ecosystems for brands ~ is giving the gift of zero emmissions this holiday season by creating the carbon negative NFTree.

A unique NFTree will be gifted to clients and staff as a token of the OLIVER’s appreciation during another challenging year for businesses and families world-wide. The NFTree is theirs to keep forever, or can be traded on the market. Better still, for every NFTree gifted by OLIVER in the virtual world, a tree will be planted in the real world on the recipient’s behalf making the NFTree net carbon negative.

Rod Sobral, Global Chief Creative Officer of OLIVER and Inside Ideas Group said: “’NFT’ has been crowned ‘the word of the year’ by Collins Dictionary. Despite the use of NFTs reaching an all-time high, this virtual currency typically comes with a hefty carbon footprint. It’s why our NFTree has been minted with the eco-friendly, Proof Of Stake blockchain, Polygon. But what’s more, for every NFTree we give in the virtual world, OLIVER will plant a tree in the real one – making each NFTree carbon negative. It’s the perfect way to send gifts in line with OLIVER’s Ad Net Zero commitments, as well as being the perfect token of our appreciation to our staff ~ all 3500 of them ~ and our 250 clients globally.”

OLIVER’s creative team partnered with immersive artist Sean Rodrigo to bring their idea to life. Rodrigo ~ who has worked with the likes of Adobe, Three Mobile, EY (Ireland), Mercedes and Landrover ~ created the beautiful NFTree artwork in virtual reality using Tilt Brush by Google. The artwork was hand-crafted using a virtual reality headset and controllers, which you can see in action in our behind-the-scenes video trailer. Recipients can access their full NFTree online in just a few clicks, enjoying them on their phone or laptops.

Magnus Thorne and Paul Turner, creative directors at OLIVER, said: “Each limited-edition NFTree is unique and utterly stunning. And who knows, we might find that our NFTrees resell for millions in the future! Whether they do or not, we believe that we’re giving a gift that’s truly different. By taking carbon out of the atmosphere, our NFTree is giving something really valuable to the world.”

Earlier this year OLIVER and the Inside Ideas Group (IIG, comprising advertising and marketing specialists Dare, Adjust Your Set and Aylesworth Fleming) joined the Ad Net Zero pledge, committing to a ten-year ambition to become carbon neutral. Ad Net Zero – a venture founded by the Advertising Association, the IPA and ISBA – is an industry-wide initiative to get brands and advertisers responding to the climate crisis caused by CO2 emissions.

With ideas as unique as its people and model, OLIVER has experienced year-on-year growth of 35% since 2019. In 2021, it was named Campaign’s Digital Network of the Year, The Sunday Times’ #40 Best Place to Work in the UK, and Adweek’s Fastest Growing Large Agency for the second time (North America).