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LADbible joins Ogilvy UK for Maaate campaign

August 9, 2023

LADbible Group Joins Ogilvy UK’s Say Maaate to a Mate campaign For Mayor of London

The campaign has already reached over 6million of #Maaate’s target audience via LADbible Group’s social channels to help tackle sexist and misogynistic ‘banter’

LADbible Group, which reaches two-thirds of under 34-year-olds in the UK, has partnered with the Mayor of London and Ogilvy UK to amplify the ‘Say Maaate to a Mate’ campaign. The major new campaign looks to empower young men and boys to challenge their friends if they have made a sexist comment by calling out with the phrase ‘Maaate’, to help drive a culture change in sexism and misogyny in society. Ogilvy UK and The Mayor of London have teamed up with LADbible Group to take the message into the social sphere and capture a new audience in an authentic way.

As part of the campaign, LADbible utilised its youth consumer research panel LADnation, with access to over 55,000 people to commission research into sexist and misogynistic language and how it impacts younger people. The research found that 82 per cent of women have experienced casual sexism, in comparison to 17 per cent of men. When it comes to calling out casual sexism, a third of young people say they have called out their friends for making sexist comments.

David Fanner, Applied Behavioural Science Consultant at Ogilvy Consulting: "We believe that an effective way to create lasting behaviour change is through partnerships with platforms like LADbible Group. To help men speak up they need to hear the message from a range of different voices first, and hear the message told in different authentic ways. The partnership with LADbible Group is doing just that. It's great to see the conversation the content is generating and enabling, with exactly who we want to reach. And most of all, the word Maaate is helping men start conversations with their mates, rather than end them.”

LADbible Group is activating the campaign across social, editorial and display through a mix of original content formats through its brands LADbible, SPORTbible and Tyla. The content strategy focused on bringing this core campaign message to the LADbible audience through its well-known formats that resonate with young men.

The campaign was first activated with educational assets to share the key stats that sit within the core of the campaign. LADbible Group also partnered with popular creators Luke Vernon and Kamilla Rose to head to the streets to spread the message and engage the general public through trending formats. Alongside this, a bespoke online hub has been created on LADbible.com, to share advice and suggestions on the subject. As part of the partnership Sadiq Khan will also be featuring in a new flagship original format for the Group, Honesty Box, where he will face questions from the LADbible audience on questions including women’s safety. The episode will launch on 8th August on LADbible TV, which recently hit one billion views.

Lindsay Turner, Director of Marketing & Communications at LADbible Group: “We are proud to bring this campaign to life across our portfolio and help the Mayor of London amplify such an important message. We recognise that with our huge reach, of over a billion people globally every single month, we have a responsibility to share content with our audience that drives cultural change in a positive way. We have already reached over six million people with our content, via our social channels, driving conversation with our audience across the Group’s brands.”

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