BMW x FNATIC: Drive Is The Difference

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The Esports industry has matured extremely quickly in the past five years

The life of an accomplished Esports pro is very intense, regardless of their chosen title, with some games requiring them to make 600 decisions per minute, and when competing pros are subject to 51 external stress factors (including playing in front of an audience and communicating under pressure). To reach those heights, Esports pros spend an average of 7 to 9 hours practicing every day.

FNATIC are only too aware of the pressures this puts on the shoulders of their young stars. So, together with BMW, they found a new way of ensuring optimum player performance all through the joy of playing.

In support of its partnership with world-renowned Esports club FNATIC, “Drive is the Difference,” follow Esports stars Tekkz and Shawrey as they embark on a relaxing weekend away inside a BMW M3 Competition Saloon, allowing them to disconnect from the pressures of the gaming world, recharge their engines, and to find their drive again. The campaign, created by Octagon and produced by Milkmoney, features a 10-minute documentary-style hero film and four supporting 45-second films.

“These young stars are incredible at what they do - what’s important to BMW and FNATIC is ensuring they maintain their joy for the sport. That’s why we are so excited to launch “Drive is the Difference”, said Michelle Roberts, Marketing Director, BMW UK. “We hope this will send a strong message out to the Esports community globally, encouraging all gamers to follow the example set by Tekkz to find that all important balance in their lives.”

“Performance is something that BMW and FNATIC have always had in common, but an often-neglected part of performance is what to do during your down time”, said Colin Johnson, Team Director and New Projects Lead at FNATIC. “Drive is the Difference is a perfect example of the importance of the idea that running yourself into the ground is not always the key to success - you must be efficient in every aspect of life and rest and relaxation is no exception. That balance is what has lead stars like Tekkz to become happy and healthy champions and we hope that is communicated to our fanbase and the rest of the community through this initiative.”

“This campaign is a first-of-its-kind programme in the Esports world and one I’m incredibly proud to bring to life,” said Ryan Shaw, Creative Director, Octagon. “Our film follows two Esports stars completely unplugging from the game so they can find their drive and come back feeling recharged. It’s unexpected for a performance brand to take you away from the sport you love, but that’s what makes BMW such a brilliant sponsor. They understand the importance of finding balance, so you always find joy in playing at that top level.”