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Raising awareness of sight loss through immersive technology

Raising awareness of sight loss through immersive technology

The Challenge

RNIB is a national charity working to raise awareness of sight loss. But to do their job effectively, they rely on the donations of everyday people.

So RNIB needed a twofold creative solution – one that simultaneously built empathy for people with sight loss, while also inspiring them to donate to the cause.

The Solution

Virtual reality is tremendously powerful for generating empathy because it effectively allows the user to see the world through someone else’s eyes. It was the ideal medium for RNIB’s objectives.

Working with the RNIB team, we created a VR experience, for use by street teams, corporate fundraising events and via Google Cardboard direct mail.

The experience featured a fictional character Hannah, a young woman living with sight loss.

As the user takes on Hannah’s point of view in an immersive 360-degree video, they experience what it’s like to lose their vision and discover how much more difficult common, everyday tasks become.