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Launching a global wellness business

Launching a global wellness business

The Challenge

NU is a wellness company with a global reach that aims to enhance the overall health and longevity of individuals. Despite operating in a highly competitive sector, NU faced significant obstacles in successfully introducing itself to the market.

To overcome these challenges, NU needed to establish a clear and distinctive market position, effectively communicate their data-driven product offerings' extensive range and customization options, differentiate themselves from their competitors, and educate potential customers on the benefits of their sophisticated products and services.

The challenges launch in this competitive sector were significant:

1. Understand pricing and position against competitors

2. Solve how to present complex personal data to end users in their digital product

3. Create differentiation in an increasingly crowded market

4. Simplify the pricing and presentation of a complicated, personalisable, data-driven, customizable product

5. Dramatise the benefits of Nu to customers, balancing scientific accuracy with higher-purpose aspiration

6. Have a toolbox of memorable marketing assets that allow NU to be ‘always-on’ across every platform and device.

The Solution

We developed a comprehensive five-stream program which included the following:

1. Competitor analysis: An in-depth examination of competitors to better understand the complex pricing structures in the market.

2. User testing: Assistance with digital product development, including user experience testing. With a focus on user-centric design language for complex personal data.

3. Brand assets: Creating a 3D digital avatar to serve as the primary brand element.

4. UI design language: A fluid design system for the user interface to present personalised data to customers.

5. Launch campaign assets: A toolbox of campaign brand assets.

We delivered a strategically purposeful, visually outstanding new global brand representing health and wellness in the modern world.