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Launching a new B2B SAAS product

The Challenge

GfK is a global leader in data and analytics, providing consumer and market insights for over 85 years. They approached us to launch their new groundbreaking product: GFKNewron. How can they reach global businesses and explain the capabilities of a complex new platform that not only reports on the ‘now’, but reliably predicts the future?

The Solution

We created a two-phase campaign that focused on impact and clarity. With such a ground-breaking new platform, we generated interest in its predictive abilities leading up to the event, and reinforced its simplicity and power after the big reveal at the live launch.

Phase 1: The lead up - anticipation and engagement for existing customers and prospects.

We redefined GfKNewron's brand and product through the lens of customer benefit, focusing on the predictive power of the new platform.

We mapped out customer journeys through digital ecosystem, and planned our communications over time. We built out a segmentation and messaging framework that allowed us to craft key messages we hoped would resonate with different segments based on the transformational predictive power of GfkNewron.

As the strategic and creative lead, we coordinated GFK's teams alongside their global agency partners to ensure every engagement in the lead up to the live event was consistent across email, organic social, and paid media, ramping up anticipation and interest in the product, and the live event launch.

Phase 2: After the launch - reinforcement and demonstration.

After the event, communication switched to reinforcing how easy the powerful tools in GfKNewron are to use. This phase was planned around engaging video content that showcased features using a simplified, animated user interface model. The videos used a unique animation style, reflecting the modern, data-driven nature of GfK, whilst making complex functionality relatable.

This visual approach allowed us to highlight features and minimise UI detail which gave it a lifetime of much longer than would be the case if we showed the real tool, given the inevitable upgrades and changes it would have.

This consistent visual language tied every aspect of the launch campaign and follow up together, making it instantly recognisable.

The Results

We exceeded GfK's targets for registration and attendance at the event. The customer communications exceeded GfK's benchmark engagement targets existing customer engagement, while the videos are evergreen content that supports mid-funnel consideration sales, and GfK’s position as a leader in market research.