Transforming the Workflow of 10,000 employees worldwide

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Media planning has become vastly more complex, fragmented and costly in recent years

By creating technology that automates the planning process, we can create huge efficiencies for a global giant of the industry and give each of their colleagues a competitive advantage.

Media spend is the largest expenditure of the marketing mix for brands. And media planners can never necessarily rely on the fact that their recommendations are going to pay dividends for their clients. By taking away the uncertainty of planning, using data, machine learning and recommendations, speeding up the process, we enable planners to spend more time helping to consult on their clients’ work.

Working with Microsoft on behalf of their media client, we built an MVP platform containing 7 different tools that give an integrated recommendation for client’s media planning needs. Working with multiple product teams and customers, we built a SASS solution that allowed planners to quickly create recommendations for their clients, exchange ideas with colleagues across the world and spend more time communicating insights.


Currently in beta and make great headway but all results are confidential.