Snappa: buying cars with a little help from AI

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In the last couple of decades, little has changed in the way that people finance their cars

It’s a slow and often disconnected experience – either under high-pressure tactics in the showroom or multiple forms and calls away from it.

We found that a younger, mobile native audience are suffering from experience inflation and expect immediacy in their commercial interactions.

They want brands to be responsive with 24/7/365 service at their fingertips, wherever they are.

There was both a consumer need and a business requirement to automate the process, delivering an end-to-end experience from spotting the car to securing the loan to buying it, within 3 minutes. In an entirely mobile, call-free, experience.

Integrating numerous APIs, authentication and image recognition AI, customers could take a snap of a car number plate and access all the important information they need before making a big decision, including running costs, fuel efficiency, and depreciation.

They could then explore finance options based on smart credit scoring and their deposit, authenticate themselves, secure funds, arrange a pickup date and even find a local garage and arrange their first service.


Sadly, changes in the client team meant that the product never went live, but the proof of concept won widespread interest within the business. We hope Snappa has made a significant contribution in terms of moving a new generation of drivers towards an easier way of buying a new car

Working with Nimbletank has been a breath of fresh air. Helpfully they get business, brands, fintech, customers and technology. Thanks to them we have a strong and innovative brand, product and business.

Ben Green, CEO/co-founder Kitti/Santander