Delivering predictive farming with AI

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Syngenta is a global player in agriculture, collaborating with farmers to provide the right seeds and treatments to maximise yields

When they engaged Nimbletank, the business was seeking to transform its relationship with farmers by expanding its service offering to provide an intelligence driven, suite of connected tools.

Through audits and research, we identified a series of use cases and potential tools and emerging AI that could support farmers, creating greater crop success and profit.

We rapidly prototyped an AI ecosystem to deliver a ‘smart’, crop management experience. This included, realtime data analysis, alerts and recommendations based on weather, pests and disease penetration predictive models and machine learning.

Computer vision was used to identify specific weeds, when farmers were out in the fields, and connected to modelling tools to identify impact on yield and profit along with proposed treatments. This would help farmers identify which investments to make where.

User testing in France and UK was incredibly positive and guided further iteration ahead of the MVP’s development.


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