We are all on the front lines

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From those that are always trying to get you Out-of-Home, a campaign we hope you will see only from home

In these difficult times, everyone should play its part. For this reason, the Italian OOH & DOOH players got together to launch a national campaign to thank all the health professionals who are fighting everyday against the infection and to remind citizens of the importance of scrupulously adhering to the rule of staying at home.

The visual uses a photo that went viral at the outburst of the infection which portrays a nurse who couldn't fight exhaustion at the end of her shift and fell asleep on a hospital desk, perhaps the most dramatic image of the first days of an emergency, immediately risen as a symbol of the fight against the spread of the virus.

The message is of extreme gratitude to all men and women who in hospitals are devoting all their energy to the care of the sick and to all citizens respectful of government conditions and above all respectful of their own and others' health.

The hope is certainly that the outdoor campaign will be appreciated only by those who are on the move for reasons of necessity, and that instead, those who are at home in compliance with the rules, appreciate this content in the form of a digital content, on the web and on social media.

"We are all on the front line" is still on air till the beginning of April on DOOH & OOH media in Rome, Milan, Turin, Naples, Bologna, Venice, Florence and many other cities in Italy.